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It is important that you complete the Registration process in order to be able to access the systems you will need as an Anglia Ruskin student.

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N.B. The first time you log-on to e-Vision there are a number of registration tasks to complete.

Getting online: Your Student Account

On registration all Anglia Ruskin students are issued with a unique username and password as follows:
  • Your Anglia Ruskin University username in the format: abc123
  • Password: Initially set to your date of birth in the format DDMMYY
The University Login can also be used for the full range of services at University (including wireless internet for your device, open access computers, My.Anglia, VLE, e-mail, Library login etc).

Resetting your password: Password Manager

If you can no longer remember your password then you will need to reset it using the Anglia Ruskin password manager.

All students are advised to set up and register their security questions in Password Manager as early on as possible.

All use of IT facilities at Anglia Ruskin is subject to our Acceptable Use policy.
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Further Help:

Registration Guide (.doc)

Paying Fees
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Password Manager
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